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Advise Letter of SS Brush finish change

Dear: Customer

Here we would like to advise you that:

ALL our SS letterbox finished will be Changed from Hairline to Brushed surface.

Because we find the old finish (Hairline) on our letterboxes is not so beautiful. More and more clients from Europe suggest us to use brushed finish in the future.


Brushed  雪花丝

Hair line  拉直丝


Below you can find the two finish difference:

Difference: 区别

Out looking 外观

Anti- scratch             抗划伤

Cost      成本

Hair line

Long line   长丝

Easy to see tiny scratches   易见划伤

The same  相同


Even finish  短丝

Not easy           不易见划伤

The same  相同


We wish you can accept this good quality improvement.

In case, you want to keep the old finish, please also let us know once you have seen this letter, we need to find a solution out .


Thank you and look forward to hear from you








Will Xu / 徐思凌


March 6th, 2014


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